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We are here to provide you with the best domain names so you can get an edge over the competition. Please allow 24 hours for response Monday to Friday. Let us know your business and your site and we will propose you the best domain names for your success. If you already have chosen the domain name you want, simply place your offer at the GET IT page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already own a similar domain, why do I need another one?

The answer is simple, you will get more exposure for your business for the least amount of money. Search engines file your page content within one domain name. If you have multiple domains, this multiplies the chance of having a surfer click on the link to your website.

You may also have a domain that tells the name of your business but not what you do (or the contrary). Potential clients may search for your name or for what you have to offer. To have both types of domains makes sense, you will double your chances to be found.

If I have more than one domain do I need more than one website?

No. You can simply redirect all traffic from the new domain to your existing website. It's a quick and simple process: just forward your new domain to your existing website. We will gladly do this for you if you request it.

How do I buy a domain from your company?

You place your best offer and if approved you will be notified by email that the domain is ready for transfer. You will receive information on how to pay securely and a choice of payment methods including credit/debit card, PayPal, bank transfer and Western Union or MoneyGram.

Why an offer?

Good names are like good locations, their value changes and rises daily. By accepting to receive offers, we make these great domains available to a wider clientele.

Do I get full control and ownership of the domain immediately?

We will open an account for you. We have an associate Registrar where the domain is registered. Once you have a registrar account we will "Push" the domain to your account making an account transfer and you will have full control and ownership of the domain name.

Proof of ownership

The norm for proof of domain ownership is your name and data at the "Whois" registry. A Whois search on the internet will show that you own the domain. The registrar keeps records of your contact information and submits the technical information to a central directory known as the "registry." We advise to go to if you need to check ownership of any domain.

Is this a one time payment?

Absolutely. The amount you offered will be the only payment you will make to us for owning the domain. As with any domain, you get a one year registration and you will only have to renew the domain every year with your registrar of choice (usually less than $15/year). No hidden charges.

How long does it take for I can use the domain?

Same day. You can expect the domain to be transferred to your account within one business day. Usually domains are transferred as soon as your payment is received or approved.